Doctors Save Lives. Scribes Save Doctors.


Why Be a Medical Scribe?

Are you studying medicine and eager to work alongside experienced doctors? ScribeCanada Healthcare’s highly rewarding scribe programme puts smart, tech-savvy candidates in fast-paced clinical settings. Our rigorous programme trains individuals to thoroughly and accurately document patient encounters. You’ll be surrounded by mentors and receive ongoing education through ScribeCanada Healthcare’s academic textbook, training videos and much more. 

So... what are the benefits of becoming a medical scribe? Take a look:



"The Most Beneficial Job for Anyone Who Wants to Go into Healthcare"


Gain a deep understanding of medical terminology in a clinical setting where you'll get paid to shadow some of the best doctors in your field.


Prepare for a field in medicine and get ahead of the curve by learning to think like a professional healthcare practitioner.


Learn so much more than record keeping and charting by becoming the doctors's right-hand man.


Get the ultimate clinical experience and learn great habits from successful doctors— all while working as an essential part of a real medical team.



Ready to save doctors from documentation? Get started today.