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Why ScribeAmerica?

Why ScribeCanada?

Why Medical Scribes?

ExperienceMedical scribes are a relatively new concept to Canada. So before considering a scribe company the first question might be: why consider scribes at all?


Clinicians are under increasing pressure to deliver care in an environment where increase in demand conflicts with limiting resources. Increased documentation, electronic documentation systems, and additional ancillary duties continue to take clinicians away from direct patient-care. Canadian healthcare leaders are searching for solutions to bring clinicians back to the bedside, drive productivity, and ultimately improve patient care. Medical Scribes are a tried-and-tested solution being utilized in the United States.


Medical Scribes are one-on-one, real time, productivity personnel who help clinicians with ancillary duties during the clinical shift. These duties are customized for the clinicians’ needs and usually include real-time documentation, facilitating access to investigation results, and assistance with patient flow. The Medical Scribe role can be customized to the service and the individual clinician, within Emergency Departments, Inpatients, Theatres, and Ambulatory Care.


Why ScribeCanada?

The Standard in TrainingScribeCanada is a new company, staffed by experienced physicians and staff. What makes us really different, however, is the backing of the largest scribe company in the world, ScribeAmerica.


In the United States they were largely responsible for taking a cottage industry and turning it into a modern industry that is becoming an integral part of healthcare, with some 30% and growing of all doctors in the United States using a scribe (much higher percentage among ED doctors). By borrowing from their experience and expertise, and adapting and evolving this to meet needs of our local healthcare markets, we offer clients unparalleled scribe programmes and capabilities. Additionally, we have the financial backing of our industry-leading American partner. Together with our combined expertise, this is a strong guarantee that we will make reliable, solid partners for as long as you require our services, and will have the resources to help address your evolving needs.