Doctors Save Lives. Scribes Save Doctors.



How has your ScribeAmerica scribe impacted your ability to see patients?



What our American Clients Are Saying


"Scribes have increased our ability to see patients more efficiently. More importantly, we aren’t spending all of our time documenting – we’re getting to spend more time at the bedside with the patient doing what we love to do."
"Having a scribe has been the best help I have received in my office. It has improved the quality and timeliness of documentation as well as patient interaction. I feel like a doctor again - not a typist."
"During my shift, I can focus more on reevaluating patients, making dispositions and talking to the patient. This decreases time in the department and improves patient satisfaction. Without a scribe, I tend to stay three or more hours after my shift charting while exhausted."
"It is going well. I appreciate being able to give patients my full attention during the visit and am able to close notes more efficiently."
"I have worked in many different emergency departments and using scribes is THE BEST system I have seen!"
"They make life easier in the emergency room. Charts are completed by the end of the shift!"