Dhvani Patel

Dhvani Patel

Director of Client Solutions

Dhvani Patel currently serves as the Director of Client Solutions where she works closely with the Chief Strategy Officer as part of the Business Development Team. As Director of Client Solutions with ScribeCanada Healthcare she is responsible for the development and implementation of medical scribe programs across territories.

Since joining ScribeAmerica in 2014 as a Human Resources Associate, Dhvani has earned multiple promotions including Senior Associate on the Client Solutions Team. A family move provided her with the opportunity to work at the ScribeAmerica headquarters in South Florida. In 2017 her loyalty to the company, strive to improve herself, strong work ethic and leadership by example earned her the “Rangers Lead the Way” award.

Dhvani earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from The University of Toledo and began her healthcare career as a scribe for Emergency Medical Scribe Systems Inc. (EMSS). She became a Project Leader responsible for the launch of numerous hospital scribe programs before EMSS was acquired by ScribeAmerica in 2014.

She currently resides in Chicago with her husband and in her spare time she enjoys cooking, photography, and traveling to new places.