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Overview - Inpatient

Trained Inpatient Scribes: Where, When and How You Need Them

Your Inpatient PracticeEvery hospital is unique, and ScribeCanada understands this, so we set up scribe programmes that meet the specific needs and characteristics of your workplace, including up to 24 hour coverage, overlapping physician options, holiday coverage, and ensuring that the scribe is fully conversant with your particular EMR system and its nuances before they start work.



Inpatient Scribe Integration

We help you identify any current deficiencies, get connected with your billing company to find out how we can benefit you the most, and optimize EHR use and workflow at your facility.

Scribe Recruitment

We will take pride in hiring the very best candidates to staff your programme. We offer a competitive salary and valuable medical experience so we can attract pre-medical and graduate students of a high calibre. This includes not only scribes with solid workplace and people skills but also the right temperament for this demanding role, as well as looking for a good personality fit with the inpatient team they will be assisting.


Medical Scribe Training

Scribe TrainingOur scribe training Programme is comprehensive and consists of three distinct steps:

  • Step 1, a demanding 2-week classroom training and orientation course
  • Step 2, a supervisory period during which a highly experienced scribe provides training shifts and offers immediate review and feedback of the new scribes work.
  • Step 3, ongoing, regular reassessments that provide for indefinite and constant review of the scribe's effectiveness.


In all, each scribe receives a minimum of 120 hours of training and may receive much more depending on the circumstances.


The Advanced Scribe Training Programme (approximately 120 hours per scribe) 


Step 1:
(2 weeks)
Step 2:
Supervisory Period
(3-5 days)
Step 3:
Periodic Reassessment
  • Medical Terminology
  • System Based Videos
  • Audio Exercises
  • Documentation For Billing and Medico-legal Liability
  • Professional Appearance
  • Case Presentations
  • Final Examination
  • One-to-one Personal Clinical Training
  • Real-time Documentation Review and Corrective Feedback
  • Advanced Efficiency and Patient Tracking Training
  • Core Measures and Documentation Quality
  • Clinical Performance Final Assessment
  • Quality Assurance Programme and Continuing Scribe Education
  • Monthly Evaluations and Performance Assessments
  • Monthly Medical-Provider-to-Scribe Satisfaction Reporting
  • Charting Review and Deficiency Log

Our industry-leading capabilities ensure ED facilities can reliably expect us to deliver medical scribes with superior training, certification, and professionalism. We recruit the most talented and eager personnel with a passion for the job, and teach them to document the ScribeCanada way. Once enrolled in our training, they learn skills and practices that will ensure high quality charting with efficiency. With our medical scribes, your department will reap the benefits of improved throughput, more accurate documentation capture, and proven cost-economies.



ImplementationDepending on the initial size of the programme, implementations typically take 1-4 months. Once training is complete, every scribe has a 90-day probation period when your group as well as ScribeCanada can evaluate their performance to ensure it meets needs and expectations.


Monthly or bi-monthly meetings follow to keep the workforce up to date with changes in the department. You may have as much or as little participation as desired. Positive or negative comments and suggestions can be addressed directly to a ScribeCanada officer. This is done to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have found that this type of reinforcement avoids any expectation that the inpatient physician is somehow responsible for managing their medical scribes. You've hired us to do the legwork; you can enjoy all the benefits of a professionally managed medical scribe programme without any of the headache of managing your own scribe staff.