Doctors Save Lives. Scribes Save Doctors.


Inpatient Benefits


The proven capability of Inpatient Scribe Programmes have achieved the following benefits:

  1. Expedited admission orders
  2. Decreased hospital length of stay
  3. Improved patient outcomes as measured by readmission rates
  4. Improved patient experience
  5. More accurate data entry of daily active problem lists
  6. Improved productivity of data entry into the EMR
  7. Optimizing codes for Medicare billing
  8. Allows the inpatient practitioner additional time to develop and communicate a care plan with the patient and family at bedside
  9. Improved work schedule: ending the shift on time, and getting home to reconnect with family and friends


Taking Advantage Of Electronic Medical Record Efficiencies

Medical scribes make coding quicker and more accurate by ensuring that the medical records contain easily identified code-able medical information. This will increase the efficiency of coders, billing capacity and hospital revenue as a consequence. Scribes can also take on the complete task of coding if desired.


Patient Satisfaction and Survey Improvement

Medical scribes allow clinical staff to focus their time and attention on the patient so improving their experience, and in turn improving quality surveys.


Inpatient Scribes - A Fully Integrated Team Member

A medical scribe is an integral member of your clinical team, trained and committed to helping deliver clinical care more effectively and efficiently. Their impact can be wide-ranging, depending on how you want to utilise them, and includes:

  1. Facilitating the timely management of medical documentation, which is vital to effective care of patients
  2. Reducing overhead costs by improving the patient-to-medical-staff ratio
  3. Increasing capacity so allowing surgeons to see more patients in a given time
  4. Helping to keep track of lab work and radiology records


Inpatient Scribes